Inspiring in the hallway-Photo of the day 

by Dr. Janet Johnson on April 8, 2015

 I was walking to my office on the 4th floor and found this art class in the hallway. 

Art Class in the hallway

What’s their story?-Photo of the Day

by Dr. Janet Johnson on April 6, 2015

It was Good Friday and these two women were chaperoning what looked like a field trip to the Arboretum. 



Street Photography– Photo of the Day

by Dr. Janet Johnson on April 5, 2015

I usually post photos on Instagram. Rarely do I post my photography that I don’t take with my iPhone anywhere other than Facebook.

This is one of my favorite photos I took in New Orleans. It just shows a moment you wish you knew the back story to. New Orleans is one of my favorite places to take pictures and capture moments like these. 

New Orleans April 2014

Tulips make the day brighter- Photo of the Day

April 4, 2015

After enjoying the tulips at the Dallas Arboretum– I decided I needed to bring some joy into the house. So I bought myself a bouquet of tulips.    

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Good Friday

April 3, 2015

If you haven’t made it out to the Dallas Arboretum in awhile– you’re missing beautiful and vibrant colors.    

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Photo of the day is back

March 21, 2015

It’s time to reintroduce the photo of the day again. It’s been awhile. So let’s play catch up. I’ll start posting some of my favorite photos at first then try to post a photo of the day. I recently went to tea at the Dallas Arboretum. Here’s a shot that I couldn’t resist.

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Merry Christmas–The 2012 Christmas Card

December 15, 2012

Stationery card View the entire collection of cards.

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Dream Bigger?

November 3, 2012

In October, something occurred that I never ever thought possible. The story my university released about my 2012 presidential campaign research ended up in the national news wires and the picture that the university released with the story ended up in Times Square.   Times Square is reserved for advertisements, movie posters and well, models […]

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Catching up…

October 14, 2012

I will not lie, this semester has really taken a toll on me. Stressed out most of the time and I feel as if academia is no longer as fun as it used to be. But, I’m finding hints of joy in my job when diving into my research. Actually, students and research is what […]

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Bright–September Photo of the Day

September 5, 2012

Today’s photo topic was bright. The sun always shines brightest during the sunset hours.

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